Correspondent’s Desk

Rev. John R. A. Simeon


Methodist heritage of education comes from the founder of the Methodist Church John Wesley. He was revolutionary in his approach to education.

He was the founder, promoter, and defender of various schools and colleges, primarily because the poor and the new church members did not have access to higher education. Though Wesley had a great concern for the spiritual life of people, he was also a great reformer of society. His compassion for the disadvantaged was a chief motive behind his formation of schools and colleges. These institutions were to be agents of discipleship, learning, and social reform. The poor were both taught and molded into becoming responsible citizens of the country.

From its inception the Emmanuel Methodist Matriculation Higher Secondary School was instrumental in touching the lives of many of the economically weaker children and families with the help of people who were interested to uplift the poorer sections of society.

The emphasis is on value-based education to inculcate love for God and fellow human beings and shine as lights in society through service to one another and the country. We also value excellence in all that we do, be it education or sports or civic service or being good and responsible and caring citizens of the country.

With God’s help we hope to build young lives who would be an asset to society. Our teaching staff also have deep concern for the children of the weaker section of society and work to lift them up in par with the others.

My hope and prayer is that every child who enters the portals of this institution will experience the love of God and learn to love others and shine through excellence and service.

Rev. John R. A. Simeon Correspondent