Higher Secondary School Program


The Foundation for a Strong Future

By the time  the student graduate from the Higher Secondary school, they will be prepared for the challenges of the most important phase of their life, to make decisions, to know themselves, to be prepared to take the difficult responsibilities to achieve their goals and become a productive and valuable citizen of the society.

To make an Emmanuelite, our Higher Secondary school encourages a focus on value education. We give importance to value education to mould students into a well-balanced personality.


At Emmanuel, we offer five courses to our students to choose one to complete their Higher Secondary schooling. The group which they select plays a major role in their career path. Each group provides necessary knowledge to students to excel in their higher studies in colleges and universities around the world. The groups offered are the below:

Are you actively planning to enroll at Emmanuel Methodist Higher Secondary School? Here’s what you must know of the study courses that we offer.


Commerce is a popular stream among Higher secondary school students in India. Majoring in Commerce in their Grade 11 & 12 allows students get to choose from a multitude of courses at Graduation level, paving the way for a range of career choices. One of the major benefits that Commerce students have over Arts students is that they are eligible for both Commerce and Arts courses.

Top courses for students pursuing Commerce with Business Mathematics 

Top courses for students pursuing Commerce without Mathematics 

Besides the above-mentioned courses, a Commerce students have the option to pursue various courses in Arts such as:

Professional Courses


If your interest lies in Sciences – pure science or others, you must know that this field does not limit to just a Engineering or an MMBS/BDS degree. Science students are generally familiar with the courses like BE, MBBS, BDS and B.Tech. Apart from these courses, there are many other courses which a science student can opt. They are:

Top courses for students pursuing Science (Group 2502)

Top courses for students pursuing Science (Group 2503 & 2508)

Higher Secondary School Uniform: