Kindergarten is where the learning begins, where children grab life-altering characteristics that define their future.

Inspiring Budding Learners

Young ones are a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and innocence. At EmmanuelMethodist School, we treasure these qualities and instil our academic program that meets each individual’s character development and academic efficiency.

The core of our kindergarten curriculum strives to pay undivided attention to each child, nurturing them with affection and wisdom to ensure that they perpetually grow in knowledge and wisdom.

We make learning fun. Our program guides the little ones to grasp new subjects, new languages with minimum fuss using roles plays and visual aid to ignite curiosity and revel in a culture of intuitive learning.

The Curriculum followed by our kindergarten wing is in accordance with the renowned 3H Learning Pvt. Ltd. Curriculum.


Program Highlights


Kindergarten School Uniform: